UNSTUCK. UNLEASHED. UNSTOPPABLE. (Heritage Press Publications, LLC, 2017)

The book for the person who dares to dream and achieve even more. It’s for the person who is tired of playing it safe. It’s for the person who is hungry and thirsty for a new way of life. This book is for the person who is ready to look the lion in the eyes and go another round. It’s for the person who life tells to give up, but who knows that giving up is the kiss of death. It’s for the person who believe that failure is inevitable, but so is their success. Unstuck. Unleashed. Unstoppable. is for the person that can’t stop, won’t stop, and can’t be stopped. Get ready to remove roadblocks, overcome adversity, think differently, and win consistently.

When ‘Want To’ Becomes ‘Have To!’

When ‘Want To’ Becomes ‘Have To’ by Gary Highfield is a great book that I would highly recommend to anyone who has wondered why they have struggled in life. It is one man’s story of how he became extremely successful.