Episode 14: Intentions vs. Actions

How to Accomplish More of Your Goals

Each year, millions of people set New Year’s Resolutions. And every year, millions of people fail to live up to those resolutions. But why? Why is this the case? And are you one of the people who accomplish your goals or are you one of the people who missed the mark?

Is it because you were too busy? Is it because you set the bar too high? Is it because you didn’t put in the effort required? Or is it because you didn’t properly set yourself up for success?

This episode is all about helping you to abandon the words “I intended”, and trade those words in “I did”. This podcast is filled with tips to help you move forward in your journey of success.
Let’s dig in!

Episode 13: Five Investments You Need to Make Beginning Today

How good are you at being a good manager of your available resources? Some of us are great at managing the tangible, but are horrible at managing the intangible resources we are responsible for.

Some of us spend like there is no tomorrow, but do not prepare for a drought or dry season. Some of us prepare for the drought, but give no credence to today.

If we are going to be successful, then we must make wise investments. We cannot afford to be wasteful. We cannot afford to ignore the things that really matter. In this episode, I am going to share with you five investments you need to make beginning today. Listen up and let’s start living the extraordinary life.

Episode 12: Three Things You Must Stop Doing On Your Journey to Success

The journey to success is not an easy one and it requires you to be mindful about your behavior. Success demands that you focus.

There are some behaviors that if you do not get under control, they can be counterproductive to what it is that you ultimately want.

If you want to shorten your learning curve and enjoy the journey, then there are three things that you must stop doing. Of course, there are more than three as well as a plethora of things you should do, but getting control of these three behaviors will position you for epic success.

Episode 11: Powerful Life Lessons I Learned From Eight -Year Old Kids (and even a Three-Year Old)

You’ve heard it said that kids say the darndest things. If you haven’t heard that, then maybe you’ve heard it said that anything you really need to know to successfully navigate life you learned in kindergarten.

Well, I can attest to both of those. Ok, so maybe that’s not totally true. But what is true is that you can learn a lot just by watching kiddos.

In this episode, I am going to share with you some powerful lessons and reminders that kids have taught me without even trying. These whiz kids have got something to share and you need to listen up. I’m telling you these kids are bringing it. They are not playing around.

Episode 10: How Do You Leave People? Bitter, Broken, or Better?

Have you ever met someone who just left a “bad taste in your mouth”? Have you ever met people who it appears they were put on this earth to help you and be there for you and you just cannot get enough of them?

Well, some people can be loving, caring, and gentle giants and there are others who are toxic. Which are you? When your name comes up, what do people say about you?

When a relationship comes to an end for whatever reason, how do you leave the person? Do you burn bridges? Do you leave an open door? Do you damage people or do you build people? Who are you? In this episode, I will share personal experiences of how I have left others as well as how others have left me. The goal is that you will think about how you handle relationships and from this day forward, you will leave people better.

Episode 9: 5 Relationship Mistakes Women Make and How to Change Them

Let’s face it. We all make mistakes in relationships. The beauty is that if we are wise, we learn from our mistakes and consciously decide to never make the same mistake twice.

The fact of the matter is that our relationships have a direct impact on us and our happiness. Relationships done well can grow us and relationships done poorly can damage us.

Listen up as I share with you five mistakes that women (yes, I say women, but men may make these same mistakes too) in relationships make and what you can do to avoid making these same mistakes in the future.

Episode 8: Career Hacks I Wish I Knew 10 Years Ago

Do you ever wonder why it is that some people can continuously get promoted and others can’t? Do you ever wonder it appears that your career is stagnant and not progressing the way you dreamt it would?
I used to wonder the same thing myself. I couldn’t figure out why it appeared that others who weren’t as sharp as some would get the big breaks.

It wasn’t until I was able to connect with those in key positions that I found out the secrets that halt some and catapult others. In this episode, I share career hacks that can boost your income, propel you to success, and help you advance your career.

Episode 7: How to Really Get to Know That New Love or Friend

Are you one of those people that as soon as you meet someone fun or interesting you have already given them a label? Are you the person that goes on a couple of dates and because the person treats you nicely, you believe that you have fallen in love and “this is it?”

Do you ever wonder why your relationships seem to be going great and then they just kind of fizzle out? Are you tired of having what appears to be the making of something great die prematurely?

The question is: “Do you know how to really get to know someone?” This podcast is all about learning how you can really get to know someone so that you can properly assess whether this new person is truly deserving of you and whether you want to take the relationship further on your terms.

Listen up Push Partners!

Episode 6: Which is Better? Focusing on Your Strengths or Improving Your Weaknesses?

Success requires strategy, wouldn’t you agree? Success requires and demands you to be purposeful about what you do.

We all – every single one of us – has areas of strength and areas in which we could stand to improve. People are constantly giving us feedback on what we can do better. Sometimes, we are enlightened on what we do exceptionally well.

When you are on your journey of success and your climb to the top, what should you focus on – strengths or weaknesses? How do you know what will move you closer to living the life of your dreams, bringing you peace, or improving the quality of your life or career?

This is going to be good, so grab your favorite beverage and listen up!

Episode 5: How to Get Ahead At Work: Earn More Money

Why does it appear some people get all the breaks? They get the good jobs, they get the promotions, they get the big raises, they get the huge bonuses. Why is it that you are not experiencing the career success that you believe you should?

For years people have been led to believe that if they come in, work hard, do a great job, and never create any waves they will get ahead. That is what management wants you to believe.

The reality is that getting ahead at work and even earning more money is an art form that some people are born with, and others must learn. The good thing – no the great thing – is that you can learn what it takes to move your career forward, so you too can experience the success that has been waiting on you all this time.

Listen up!