Dream Killer

How do you respond when you encounter a Dream Killer?

Dream Killer

Dream Killers come in all shapes, sizes, and forms. They are everywhere. Dream Killers may very well want the best for you. It just may be they have never ventured into unchartered territory, so they can only tell you what they think, have heard, or have seen. Dream Killers serve a purpose. They are there to steal and kill your dreams – if you let them. More importantly, they are there to see if you believe in yourself and your dream.

Dream Killers test your level of commitment. Are you willing to sacrifice some people and things to ensure your dream becomes a reality? Will you protect your dream and only share it with the right people at the right time? Will you give them what they want and simply give up? Will you allow their negativity to serve as the catalyst you need to push harder? Will you allow someone who either gave up on their dreams or someone who is too afraid to pursue their dreams to kill yours?


Who do you naturally share your dreams with and they respond by killing your dream instead of asking you what part they can play in making sure your dream becomes a reality?

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