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5 Powerful Questions to Help You Know If Now Is the Time to Reinvent Yourself
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Who is Sharalyn

Dr. Sharalyn Payne is a motivational speaker, an empowerment teacher, an inspiration, and a catalyst of change for countless people all over the world.   In addition, Sharalyn is a performance coach, mentor, and loyal friend who is obsessed with inspiring and encouraging others to live a life of freedom and extraordinary success.  Her wisdom and insight pushes achievers and challenges leaders to be undeniably great.  Sharalyn’s personal life experiences filled with successes and failures, trials and triumphs, highs and lows, loves and losses, and her unique story-telling ability has resulted in huge paradigm shifts and true life change. Her sense of humor, belief in the impossible, and love for people leaves audiences with renewed hope, restored belief, and transformed lives. 


Dr. Sharalyn Payne is the person that self-made millionaires turn to for motivation, inspiration, advice, coaching, and strategies designed to get them to the next level.  No stranger to rebuilding, recreating, and reinventing herself time and time again, Doc knows what it takes to help you and will pull out of you what’s already there.  Everyday people have found that Dr. Sharalyn has been able to help them change careers, restore failing marriages, launch profitable businesses, identify their passions, become mothers after struggling with infertility, rebuild trust, establish happy family units, obtain promotions after years of being passed over, deploy and implement new product lines, mobilize a salesforce, improve influencing and leadership skills, and even live again when they had checked out on life.  And that is just the tip of the iceberg!


Dr. Sharalyn is also the founder of Push Partner, a movement created to push you to move beyond your comfort zone, position you to embrace your power, and hold you accountable for living the life of your dreams.


If you are ready to defy the odds, build an extraordinary life, reinvent yourself after a loss, and achieve peak performance, then Dr. Sharalyn is the person you need to lock arms with today.

Here's What I Want You to Know

That you can recover after the storm hits.  It doesn’t matter how long the storm, how severe the storm, or how much damage the storm caused, you can survive and thrive.  That the storm was designed to make you stronger and better.  That it was designed to pull out what was already inside of you.  That you can recover, you can reinvent yourself, and you can rise like the phoenix. You will rebuild, rebound, and even rediscover who you are, and use all of that to create a life that you are absolutely in love with.  An authentic life that is filled with love, power, wealth, and freedom.  That although the storm may have been designed to break you, stop you, or impede your success, the attack wasn’t successful because you are more powerful than you realize.  That if I can use the storms of life to my advantage, so can you.  You’re STRONG, POWERFUL, and BEAUTIFULLY COMPLICATED. And I’m making it my mission to help you be UNSTOPPABLE.

Dr. Sharalyn

I'm Challenging You To....

  • Embrace the mindset that you deserve to live authentically, intentionally, and extraordinarily
  • Give yourself permission to refuse to settle or live beneath your potential because you can have it ALL
  • Overcome fear, push past common facades, stop self-sabotaging behaviors, and get out of your own way
  • Identify your competitive advantage which gives you the edge to make major moves, pivot purposefully and reinvent yourself
  • Learn the skills to help you rewire your thinking, navigate transition, overcome challenges, and weather any storm

You Have to Fight for the Life You Want

My father died unexpectedly when I was twelve leaving me to struggle with feelings of abandonment, isolation, shame, embarrassment, not trusting people, feeling like I was damaged goods, and that I had even been cheated

I rewrote the story I had been secretly telling myself all those years. Today, I own my power, walk in my truth, cherish my relationships, make the most out of the one life I have to live, and made a decision to die empty. (I’m absolutely committed to flying with the eagles and rising like the phoenix).


You are the Keeper of Your Destiny

My husband, who was my mentor, friend, and the love of my life, abandoned me and the relationship, broke my heart, shattered my dreams, and told me I wasn’t good enough

So I walked away from our luxurious lifestyle, moved into a modest apartment across country with no job, pivoted and changed my career to increase my earning power, landed a six-figure job, got an annulment on Valentine’s Day, worked to build my self-worth and self-esteem, and found my purpose, which led to the creation of PUSH PARTNER®. (All superheroes don’t wear capes.  I’m a wonder of a WOMAN).


You Always Have a Choice and a Voice

The Director and Vice President of Human Resource of a rather large organization colluded to trump up false charges that I lied on my application and fired me unjustly on the day after New Years’

I contacted the President and CEO and made him aware of what transpired, rejected the lousy severance agreement they offered, got my job back, renegotiated my terms, and I stayed there until I wanted to leave.  (Yes, I am a WARRIOR. Can you imagine the looks on everyone’s face when I reentered the office after having been gone for a minute? It was like a scene from The Apprentice, when the contestants return after fighting in the boardroom).