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Do You Have Dreams or Do You Have Goals and Do You Know the Difference?

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Many of us inaccurately label our dreams as goals instead of calling the dream what it really is, which is a dream or a wish if we are not working on making it a reality.  Let me be clear.  There is nothing wrong with having a dream.  Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. had a dream, but he made his dream a catalyst for a goal by working to actualize his dream.  Dr. King did not just wish for something to happen.  He wasn’t content with the idea that his dream would one day become true.  He took aggressive action to make the dream that we talk about today a reality. Because he understood that for us to enjoy the liberties in his dream, effort would be required for achievement.

The same holds true for each one of us that has a dream.  No matter how big the dream or how small the dream, it is not a goal unless we take action to accomplish what is in our hearts. 

One of my dreams was becoming an author.  I have written an e-book.  If you’re reading this, you’re reading one of my blogs.  I would never have accomplished this goal, until I took action towards making it a reality.  I placed it in front of me so that I could see it every day.  Subconsciously, my mind began to work on the goal of me becoming an author.  Topics would come to me throughout the day for me to write about.  I began to use my phone to capture the topics, so I wouldn’t forget them.  Other ideas worthy to write about began to come to me as well.  I began to journal and keep a notepad nearby.  One day, I decided to tune out all the noise and just sit down and write.   I could have analyzed it and thought about it and talked about it, but the goal of becoming an author required me to sit down and discipline myself to make it happen.  It required me to give up some other pleasurable activities to write if I really wanted to become an author.  My dream required me determining in my mind that another year would not pass me by without written material out in the universe for someone to read.  The dream of becoming an author required the action of acting like an author (writing) on a consistent basis until, I had something out there.

I am a goal and action oriented individual who turns my dreams into reality.  I refuse to die only a dreamer.  Dreams are just the beginning.  Take the next step.  Get moving.

Question:  What dream do you need to turn into goal?  What action is needed to make your dream a reality?