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Do you know who you are? So, this is a question that I was having very recently with one of my friends.  You see I had gone to the beauty salon and my new hairstylist was telling me that I was stuck in the 90s and that no one was wearing the style that I was wanting.  She went on and on about what people were wearing these days and told your girl that I was stuck in a time machine.  Now, the interesting thing is that she doesn’t know me or my signature style and besides that if I wanted her opinion I would have asked AND paid her for it.  All I needed her to do was to follow my instructions.

Her opinion couldn’t sway me because I know what looks good on me.  Besides that, I know what I like.  I like plain, simple, classic, elegant, timeless.  I’m not interested in looking like a “hot girl”. I could care less about the latest trends. I’m not the least bit interested in looking like everyone else because I was created to be an original. God made me a masterpiece and not a duplicate and if anyone doesn’t like it, who cares?

What I realized is that so many people are insecure and walking around with damaged self-esteem because they cared too much about the opinion of someone who does not matter in the grand scheme of things. We become someone else to please someone else instead of valuing the amazing person that God created us to be.  While I’m not saying that I have it all together, I am saying that I am very aware of whom I seek for advice.  She’s not the person I would go to serve as my personal stylist.  All I need her to do is to shampoo and silk press.  That’s it.  For styling, I have someone who has made a living not just styling people, but transforming women with the kind of makeovers that look like they have just stepped out of a magazine.

We all have our swim lanes.  Some of us have multiple swim lanes.  The beauty is knowing when you need to enlist the help of a coach as you are swimming so that you won’t drown.  It helps if the coach you select is a person that challenges you, appreciates who you are, and can help you to level up.  It has to be a person that you believe in, a person who you trust, and a person who you can respect.

What does that have to do with the stylist? Well, not to insult her or anyone else for that matter, but our lives and likes are so drastically different.  Her reality is different from my reality.  The style that I have seen her rocking has never been appealing to me or my audience.  So, to thine own self be true.  I live authentically in every area of my life and that includes my hair.  And I hope the same goes for you. Become better, become more fulfilled, embrace change, see the beauty in you, change what you need to change when you need to change, but always honor the woman that you are.

Are you with me?  I hope so.

What do you like about the person you see in the mirror?

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