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Does Money Change Who You Are?

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I have seen it time and time again. Money has a way of revealing who you really are. Money illuminates your true self. If you are a giver and you come into money, you will find someone or a cause to give to. If you are a helper and you acquire money, you will find people to help. If you are a fool without money, you will be a fool with money acting foolishly. If you are selfish without money, you will be selfish with money. Money reveals who you really are. Money unveils your true character.

My mother is a very giving person. When I was younger, we had people to live with us until they could get on their feet. She would pick up people and take them to church even when they lived in the opposite direction. She would buy food for those who had no money. She would purchase clothes for those who others would see the need and laugh or talk about. I lived in another state and had no idea what she was doing to help others. I found out about her mission to help others because one person was so grateful for what she was doing that they told someone else. When I asked her about it, she wouldn’t confirm or deny because she thought it was none of my business. When she received a large sum of money, she found those needing help and continued to do what she did all along – help others who were in need.

When a financially successful man I knew lost a large sum of money, I found that his true heart was ugly. As long as he had money, he was a giver and pleasant to be around. He was a great motivator and encourager. He wasn’t perfect and you could definitely catch glimpses of arrogance here and there. When he lost his money, he became a terror. He was mean, extremely rude, depressing, and one of the worst people to be around, often wishing ill will on others. He couldn’t fathom that he wasn’t the person on top. When he was able to climb back to the top, he became his happy self again. I believe the dark person he was without money was who he truly is. The loss of money revealed his character and his character needed much work.

Money should reveal that we are the same person with it or without. Hopefully, we become better with money and more appreciative and humble if we are ever challenged with concerns about money.

Question: What will the addition or subtraction of a large sum of money reveal about who you are?