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Every Positive Thought Propels You in the Right Direction

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Oh my gosh! Life has thrown me some blows that I thought I would never recover from. There have been some battles that left me almost hopeless. What helped me make it through my dark nights and lonely moments was saturating myself with positive thoughts, affirmations, and positive people. I found that when I focused on the what if this happens I felt defeated.

I began to see that in actuality I was preparing for a negative outcome. Subconsciously, I was training my mind to focus on what I didn’t want, which was a negative situation instead of what I did want, which was for things to be the way I desired and pictured. If we focus on positive thoughts, we open ourselves up to infinite possibilities that could literally blow our minds and produce our desired outcome. We then begin to vibrate at a different level and that vibration draws positive energy to come our way. I’m not saying it is always easy to be positive because it’s not. What I truly believe is that positive thoughts move us closer to our goals and negative thoughts move us away from our goals.

So, think of it like this. You are on the ladder of success which has 13 steps. Right now, you are standing on rung 7. There are six steps beneath you representing the wrong direction and six steps above you representing the right direction. For every positive thought, you ascend the ladder one rung at a time moving towards your goals and dreams. As you think negatively, you descend the ladder moving away from your dreams and goals. If you could visualize this image every time you had a negative thought would you begin to immediately replace your negative thoughts with positive thoughts, thereby transforming your life’s story?

Where are you on the ladder of success? What negative thoughts do you need to replace with positive thoughts?

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