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Five Simple Steps to Overcome Negative Thinking

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What you feed, you produce. It takes just as much energy to focus on the negative as it does to focus on the positive. So, why not envision yourself achieving the goal instead of failing or missing the mark? For some, focusing on the positive is harder because it’s much like writing with your left hand if you are right handed. It can be the equivalent of using a muscle that you have never used before.

Living in a positive state requires the conditioning of your mind. It means changing your thinking if you are not naturally wired to think that way. I have found that oftentimes, I get what I focus on. When I have worried myself sick about something, I ultimately received my very fear. Once I realized this truth, I decided that I would exert my energy in re-calibrating my thinking. When fear or negative thinking would creep in mind, I would search frantically as if my life depended on it for something positive to hold on to. When I began to put this into practice, I noticed that I felt better. I felt more optimistic, more grounded, and more grateful. I became more conscious of the people with whom I surrounded myself. The people who I spend the majority of my available time with know that I will not tolerate negativity on a regular basis.

I remember talking with someone about a project we were working on of which I was leading and they gave me a million reasons as to why it wouldn’t work. I was literally ready to scream. I finally had to stop and say instead of us focusing on all of the reasons why this won’t work, can we please just explore the one reason why it will work and let’s focus our energies on that instead. I have neither the time, nor the energy to focus on the negative. I do believe we should be aware of the obstacles and risks when making a decision, but after we have determined to accomplish a goal, let’s stay focused on the accomplishment. I believe we must choose to control our thoughts instead of allowing our thoughts to control us. Focusing on the positive is necessary for success because the universe has a way of producing our expectations, whether our expectations are for achievement or failure. When it’s all on the line, when the outcome is huge, that is when it’s even more important, to envision yourself successful. Too much is riding for you to be negative. Give positivity a winning chance.

I challenge you to:

  1. Look for the positives in every situation.
  2. Envision yourself joyful and successful.
  3. See yourself accomplishing the goals you set and work towards.
  4. Snap a mental picture of yourself living in a continued state of peace and prosperity and hold that photo in your mind.
  5. Take it a step further, and place the photograph on the refrigerator as a reminder of who you are.

Question: What goal are you working on that is requiring you to shift your thinking?