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In this powerful and transformational (free) audio training, Dr. Sharalyn will guide you through 5 Powerful Questions to Help You Know If Now Is the Time to Reinvent Yourself and get access to the PUSH PARTNER Insider (our weekly blog) designed to give you hope, strategies, and inspiration for navigating transition, overcoming challenges, and creating an extraordinary life.

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Whether it’s my powerful webinars or my live trainings on social media platforms, I always bring you information rich content with practical + easy to implement strategies.

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Dr. Payne teaches you how to rewire your thinking, reinvent yourself, fight for the life you want, excel in the marketplace, increase your influence, and thrive in your personal and professional relationships.

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My courses and programs are created with you in mind. Each is based upon years of research, filled with wisdom and insights + taught in a strategic manner to ensure that you get results.

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Our sessions begin with us delving into a discovery session help you uncover your truest desires, brainstorm possibilities, identify blind spots + design a plan for you to accomplish your goals.

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What Makes Me Unique

I am a personal growth and lifestyle design expert who focuses on helping successful women reinvent themselves and obtain remarkable results in 6 months or less.  Having experienced 20+ life crisis situations that would break most people, I have an intimate personal knowledge of what it takes to reinvent yourself and create an extraordinary life that you love.

I use a no excuses, straight shooter approach combined with love to help you devise a plan, take action, see your value, and dream again.  My strategy is designed to fast track your growth and make things happen.

I have helped countless people to start over, rebuild their lives, recover from loss, rebound from tragedies, and live again. I am committed to helping you reinvent yourself and collaborating with people just like you to build new lives of love, power, wealth, and freedom that until now seemed like a distant dream.

Together, we will take the mystery out of success. You will be challenged and held accountable for not only attaining your goals, but to dreaming fearlessly and live passionately.

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Become a PUSH PARTNER NOW! PUSH PARTNER UNIVERSITY has everything you need to change your mindset, awaken your dreams, rebound from loss, and own your power.  Our members live authentically, intentionally and extraordinarily.  Besides that, it’s the next best thing to working with me privately!

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