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You Are NOT Fooling Anyone, So Stop It

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I was speaking with my friend this morning as she was on her way into the office and we had a really good conversation.  She used to drive me crazy with her obsession and focus on material things, but now she is different.  It’s as if she has had an awakening and she can see that those things really don’t matter in the grand scheme of things.  She can now see that they were just a cover-up for something else.  Her material possessions did not satisfy her.  They didn’t console her. They couldn’t make her happy.

Those material possessions were just items that were keeping her imprisoned in a place that she didn’t want to be in. In fact, they were masks to hide her pain.  They were instruments used to distract her from what wasn’t going right in her life.

Now, she has gone through some pretty traumatic life events that have allowed to re-evaluate the things in her life. Now, she is figuring out what really is important and how she wants to live her life and she’s finding that she is no longer interested in making excuses for somethings or even some people in her life. Now, she is thinking about whether her relationships suit her and celebrate the woman that she is.

I can see her stepping into her power now.  It’s wonderful to see that she is making small, subtle changes that are moving her in the right direction. It’s also good to see that she is taking control and not allowing herself to be manipulated by people who want to see her stay in the prison she had allowed herself to be in for so many years.

As she travels this new journey, she is comforted in the fact that it’s been a long time coming.  She is comforted in knowing that there are many people who will embrace her with loving open arms to help her along the way. There are other people who will celebrate her strength and applaud her courage.  The bravery that it takes to admit that something has to change is something that should be not be taken for granted.

So many people ignore what is broken. So many people lose their souls trying to walk on eggshells for someone else. So many people live lives where they are longing for a better life, but have decided that a better life will be when…when the children are out the house…when I have more money…when I get a husband…when my partner changes…We put off the better life today because it seems out of reach, it seems like a farfetched idea. The reality is that the better life is waiting for you. The better life desires you. The better life is calling for you. Will you go to it? Time waits for no man and tomorrow is not promised. You are not even promised the next five minutes.  What are you waiting for? Get on with it…

What are you waiting for?

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