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I’m Not Going That Way

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We see it over and over again and we’ve heard it since we were kids. “Birds of a feather…” You know the rest. I remember a few months ago a person whom I thought was a close friend told me that she wasn’t going that way when I asked her to pick something up for me at a store. Her comments took me by surprise because at the time I was actually engaged in a time-consuming favor for her and the store was two minutes from her current location.

Imagine my disbelief when she told me she wasn’t going that way and I was in the middle of doing something for her! Maybe it wouldn’t have hurt so bad if the only store that had the item in the entire country was at her fingertips and hundreds of miles from my current location and they wouldn’t ship the item to me without astronomical shipping fees. My “friend’s comment blew me away. There wasn’t anything legal that I wouldn’t have done for my friend since childhood. I always knew she was extremely selfish and I had even been there when her really great boyfriends would end things with her because of her selfishness. Her comment “I’m not going that way” made me realize that she was right. We weren’t going the same way. It opened my eyes that she was extremely accurate. I want something totally different out of life than she does and our desires will cause us to walk different paths. Everyone can’t go with you on your path to success.

It was time for me to let go of the person who was never happy for me, but was there watching to see the journey and waiting for the ending. If the ending was great, she could enjoy the trinkets of success because she was my friend. If the ending was bad, she could secretly relish in my failure. It was time we went different ways. I believe in the divine laws of sowing and reaping and eagles fly with eagles. I am a giver and I enjoy giving. I have also found that one of the rewards of giving is that you actually always have something to give. An added bonus is you also position yourself to receive – maybe not from people you actually help, but from God’s great universe. As an eagle, I want to fly with others who are looking to give just not simply enjoying the benefits of always receiving. Flying with receivers instead of givers can be toxic and dangerous. It depletes my energy and I need my energy to reach my goals.

Who are the takers in your life that you need to readjust their proximity to your heart? Who are the givers that you need to praise, recognize, and reward?