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Is There More To You Than What Meets The Eye?

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I was speaking with someone whom I have known for quite sometime now. During our conversation, she proceeded to tell me all of her conclusions that she had come to regarding me. I found this to be interesting because she didn’t really know me.

Although we were on the same team, we hadn’t really connected. When I told her she was way off, she couldn’t believe it. She asked another team member who knew me a little better whether her observations were accurate. She was completely shocked to learn her thoughts that I was “prissy” or “stuck up” were totally false. When we went to lunch and I chose a “hole in the wall”, she looked like she had seen a ghost. When the owner came out and talked about how much I frequented that restaurant she was in total disbelief.

Is there more to you than what meets the eye?

Stop trying to put me in a box. I am like air – I cannot be contained.