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Like the fire needs the air, I won’t burn unless you’re there. ~ Curtis Jackson

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This is a line from one of my favorite songs. Have you ever been fueled by the energy that is created when you know people are looking and waiting for you to fail? I have been all too familiar with this energy. Although it is uncomfortable, it provides me with the fuel I need to give it all I’ve got – to leave everything on the line. It’s kind of like their hatred and desire to see me fail creates an unbelievable determination to succeed.

It’s like I suddenly become Superwoman and Batwoman at the same time. I feel like I am Rocky. I can hear the music playing repeatedly in my mind. It’s like I can see flashes of Muhammad Ali press conferences and fights.

I wonder if my haters and secret enemies know that they give me way too much power because they generate something inside of me that makes me feel invincible. I use their negative energy to give me the fire needed to focus on success and to not let go, until I accomplish my goal. Their desire to see me fail gives me faith like a bulldog and determination like a pit bull. When my enemies eyes are on me, I can’t fail if I wanted to because I am trusting my gut more, I am designing a plan, and executing a strategy. My haters and enemies breed the competitive spirit I have within me to bet on me and to ensure I am successful.

I remember I had a manager who hated my guts and would always try to set me up for failure. It was hilarious to watch the things she would try to do to set me up for failure. None of her tricks worked because while she was focused on her emotions and I was focused on a strategy. I was focused on executing every task with excellence and precision in spite of all her antics – instead of exposing her for who she really was. While she was trying to show me up, she wasn’t noticing that I was gaining a reputation of being strong, strategic, professional, and smart. Simultaneously, she was damaging her own reputation. In the end, I received a promotion with a substantial financial increase and she didn’t last much longer at the organization. Her negative energy is what I needed to push me further along in my journey of success.

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Questions: How have you benefited from the ill treatment of others? Who wants you to fail? How can you use that energy to push you to become better? Leave me a comment below.