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Love Your Gift and Fully Commit To It

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Have you ever wanted another gift?  At various points in my life, I have really wished I had so many other gifts that I believed to be better. If only I was gifted in small talk…  If I could dance, I wouldn’t sit down… Well, those are not my gifts.  My gifts are not flashy or out in the open.  Yet, they are just as valuable as other gifts.  When I began to embrace my gift, a new world opened for me.  I began to connect with people who needed my gifts.  I found people who needed my gifts were looking for me.

My gifts added significant value to others.  Companies need my gifts to add to their bottom line, to solve problems creatively, to increase their position in the marketplace, to develop its’ number one asset – people.  Individuals needed my gift to challenge their thinking, to connect them with others, to develop ideas and strategies, to push them into destiny, to give them permission to remove their personal limitations.

So much freedom comes from embracing who you are and what you have to offer.  I may not be able to dance, but I can solve problems.  I may not be the best at small idle talk, but I can make things happen and quickly.  I am in a place where I love my gift and I am fully committed to embracing it to make a difference.  Committing to my gift is not wishing I had a more fabulous gift.  It is searching for opportunities to use my gift to make someone else’s life more meaningful.

After all, a gift is something that is given and best shared with others.  Committing to my gift is looking for tools, strategies, and methodologies to make my gift better.  You really can improve on a good thing.  My power lies in my ability to love the person I am (all of me) and commit to improving myself, while using my gift to enhance the lives of others.

What’s your gift that you need to embrace and share with the world?  If you don’t know what your gift is, then you need to register for my next What’s Your X-Factor webinar. Contact me below for details!