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Never make a man tell you twice that he doesn’t want you.

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I remember being so crazy about this man and wanting to spend the rest of my life with him.  We often discussed marriage and our future.  There came a time when he began to say that I deserved better than him and my response was always I didn’t want better, I wanted him.  Boy, was I blinded by what I thought was love!  Thank God I am so much wiser now!  Today, if a man told me that I would take off running.  I would probably even leave my shoes.  As the song says, Everybody plays the fool.   What a fool I was at the time!!!  I did deserve better than what he was offering.  He was successful, handsome, charismatic, and giving.  Yet, there were some other things that he was as well that weren’t good for me.  Years into the relationship, I would find out just what he meant when he would say I deserved better.  What I learned would rock and shatter my world!  The after effects of dealing with such a large personality were unbelievable.  This was my story in learning the lesson that when a man tells me that he doesn’t want me I should thank him and run like hell because the next time may not be so nice.  If I had simply accepted what he said the first time, I would have saved myself hurt, pain, time, money, shame, and humiliation.  Lesson learned and this mistake won’t happen again.

Question:  Who is telling you that they don’t want you (job, mate, friend) and why are you are still holding on?  What is about you that wants someone that doesn’t want you?  Leave me a comment below.