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IGNITE- A 30-Day Catalyst for Unleashing Gods Promises of Love, Power, Wealth, and Freedom

Are you in need of a breakthrough? Have you lost your fire? In this electrifying and inspiring guide, Dr. Sharalyn Payne invites you to embrace affirmations, actions, and accountability so you can live extraordinarily. Dr. Payne believes that you can repurpose the pain of your past, leverage your challenging situations, and less-than-ideal life circumstances to position yourself for a life far greater than what you ever dreamed possible. Passionate about overcoming obstacles, Dr. Payne offers you a 30-day transformation challenge designed to help you reject and destroy mediocrity, stagnation, fear, defeat, and even inadequacy.

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Ignite: A 30-Day Catalyst for Unleashing God’s Promises of Love, Power, Wealth, and Freedom puts you on the path to push the reset button so you can deconstruct your thinking, enhance your life, invent the person you see yourself as in your wildest dreams, and write the next chapter of your life as only you can. Convinced that an amazing life awaits, readers can expect to be empowered with the tools needed to free themselves from anything holding them back from living the life they so desire and deserve. Move with intensity towards your dreams and goals and experience remarkable, uncontainable, indescribable success. This book is just the accelerant you need to extinguish debilitating beliefs, illuminate your path forward, stimulate achievement, and construct the next you.