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Marked. Success on Purpose- Identify Your X-FACTOR + Uncover Your Purpose + Live Your Passion


marked. Success on Purpose: Identify Your X-FACTOR + Uncover Your Purpose + Live Your Passion masterclass is a power packed workshop designed to help you walk away knowing your purpose, so you can use purpose to help you create a life that you can get excited about. A life that you can wake up knowing every day what it is that you should be doing. Not only that, but you’ll also uncover why certain things in your life have happened to you and for you.

When you become passionate about your purpose and pursue it you’ll find that so many of the problems you think you have really aren’t problems at all. They’re simply opportunities for you to stretch and grow. It’s not that the problems go away, they just are uniquely designed to help you become freer, more successful, more significant, which makes you more interesting, appealing, impactful, and fascinating.



Self-study program that you can take at your own pace to help you:
• Get crystal clear on your purpose
• Figure out how you can make a significant living by pursuing your purpose
• Connect your purpose and your passion so you can attract the right people and things in your life
• How to tap into the secrets that separate the successful from the unsuccessful
• A brilliant method for discovering if you are on the right path
• How to leverage your gifts, talents, and purpose to build a lifestyle that supports you and generate income
• Live a more fulfilling, powerful, and intentional life
• Achieve even more success than you thought possible by doing what you are supposed to be doing
• Major warning signs that you are doing what you were put her on earth to do
• 3-course modules
• Lifetime access to all training courses and materials (videos, audios, cheat sheets, and checklists)
• 48 hours of email support