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Personal development with accountability are the catalysts you need to light a fire under you that gives you the momentum you need to create a life of love, power, wealth, and freedom.

 This is for women who are ready to transform their lives.
 This is for women who are willing to do the work necessary so they can improve their overall quality of life.

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If you really want to be more successful, develop better relationships, increase your influence, then you have got to work on your mind because it’s so powerful and can truly change the trajectory of your life.
This is a mental makeover designed to help you develop a winning mindset and transform your life.
Here’s What’s Included:

 FREE 90 Day Journal to Help You Track Your Progress
 Weekly Accountability Sessions to Help You Stay Focused
 Daily Motivational Messages to Energize And Encourage You
 10 Core Commitments to Help You Develop a Strategy for Success
 Private GROUP Live Mentoring
 Opportunity to Be Interviewed On The PUSH PARTNER® Podcast to Share Your Success Story and Empower Other Women
 FREE Downloadable PDFs to Maximize Your Learning Experience