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Strong, Powerful + Beautifully Complicated Retreat

You are doing for everyone else. So many people depend on you. You need to unwind. You need to be reenergized and reinvigorated. You need to be encouraged. You need to be inspired. You need to be supported. You need to be celebrated. You need to be around people who get you. People who understand exactly the place where you are and who will listen and support you. Not people who are letting you walk through life alone. Not people who will take from you, but never give to you.

You need to be around like-minded women who want nothing at all from you, but for you to smile, laugh, and enjoy the journey. You want to be around women – who get it. Women who really understand the pressure that comes with success. Women who you can share your heart with and know that you won’t be judged. You want to connect with women who can be totally vulnerable with. Women who are so busy working on themselves that they don’t have the time or the energy to illuminate what’s wrong with you. You need to be around women who will challenge you to get out of your own way and live 100% authentically.


This is not your ordinary retreat. This is a 3-day experience designed for strong, powerful, beautifully complicated women who want to strip away anything that is holding them back, learn how to refocus their thinking, embrace the belief that God has a plan for their life which is bigger than anything they could ever imagine, and connect with women who are share the same hopes and dreams for their lives as well. It’s an experience that is designed to pull out what is already inside of you.

This is an experience where successful, driven, ambitious women can come together to discuss their success, their highs, lows, wins, challenges, and obstacles. As women of diversity navigating in life, we face a unique set of experiences that during our journey in relationships, businesses, corporate America, business professionals, and entrepreneurs.

This experience is where dynamic women can share their struggles, have someone who can empathize with them and empower them with the knowledge tools and resources to dream fearlessly and live passionately. The BRILLIANT, BRAVE, AND BEAUTIFULLY COMPLICATED EXPERIENCE is where we come for career advice, coaching and mentoring, networking, support, empowerment, and community with women who get us. This is an experience that is destined to help women fulfill their destiny and celebrate the force that is to be reckoned with. Together, we will be unstuck, unleashed, and unstoppable.