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you, me, a mic, and a room full of ROCKSTARS

Let’s create magic.  Let’s inspire hope. Let’s unleash dreams.

Are you looking for a motivational speaker who can connect to, relate to, and engage with your audience, while leaving a memorable impact? Are you looking for someone who has a heart for people and who absolutely loves to see people win? Do you want a speaker who is honored and humbled to be used as a vessel to transform lives?


Dr. Sharalyn is an award-winning speaker often praised for her creative and motivating seminars, workshops, transformational experiences, and strategy sessions. As a gifted story-teller and skilled trainer, Sharalyn loves to weave interesting stories and anecdotes into each session, which not only connects with the audience, but are also very relevant to the topic. Speaking topics are customized and sculpted to reflect the audience as well as the event.


If you want a captivating speaker who can electrify and connect with your audience while exceeding your expectations, then book Dr. Sharalyn today. Your audience will be challenged, equipped, enriched, empowered, encouraged, motivated, inspired, and enlightened.


Dr. Sharalyn Payne is not simply a motivational or inspirational speaker. That’s part of it, but it’s only the tip of the iceberg. Dr. Sharalyn is a dynamic, high-energy empowerment speaker, gifted storyteller, and teacher who will transform you, your team, and your organization. Dr. Sharalyn’s life-changing presentations are filled with hope, humor, and exercises that are sure to leave a lasting impression. Every training session, workshop, and speaking engagement is designed to shift paradigms, restore belief, increase passion, enhance energy, and instill confidence.


Using her engaging personality, provocative questions, sense of humor, and skilled teaching style, Sharalyn is just what your audience needs to accelerate in any area and increase their momentum. Dr. Sharalyn speaks on the topics of relationships, birthing dreams, peak performance, overcoming odds, leadership and influence, principles of success, winning in the marketplace, and achievement. Dependent upon your specific needs, Dr. Sharalyn can deliver a keynote, half-day workshop, or full-day intensive.


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