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Strategies for Launching Out Into the Deep

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Launching out into the deep can be daunting. It requires you to live a little on the edge and for most of us – that is not the place we want to be.  Many of us want more, but we want to be in control.  We want the rewards, but we are adverse to risk.  Launching out into the deep is necessary if we want to experience a life that others only dream of.  It demands that we become comfortable with being uncomfortable.

Here Are Five Strategies for You to Launch Out Into the Deep

  1. Make the decision.
  2. Begin now to live outside of your comfort zone.
  3. Have an expectation that your big dream will come true.
  4. Identify your resources.
  5. Fully Commit.

Tip:  If you can’t swim, get a life jacket; whatever you do- GET OUT OF THE BOAT!!!!

Which of your goals scares you? What are you going to just do even while you are still afraid?