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Success Principles

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East High – Home of the Lady Mustangs is where I met a legend who would have a long-lasting impact on my life.  It was there I believed I truly developed the WILL TO WIN!

I developed a competitive spirit so strong that it does not allow me to give anything less than my very best.  I will be forever grateful for my mother’s values, belief in my vision, support, and her allowing me to participate in Track and Field. Because of her, I was able to encounter Coach Danny Joe Young – who was not just any coach.  He was a legend and a change agent.  Coach Young provided guidance for so many young ladies.  He ran a tight ship and he had high expectations of how we should carry ourselves on and off the field.  Coach Young instilled four key principles, which resulted in wins both on the field and in the game of life.  What I learned from him, I shall never forget.  To this day, I continue to implement these same core values for success into my life on an ongoing basis.


  • 7 State Titles
  • 57 Individual State Titles
  • Countless Regional, City, and District Titles
  • Too many accomplishments to list
  • More wins than any program in the city

What was the key to our success?  Determination, Dedication, Discipline, and Hard Work.  Although that’s not all, it does give you a running start.

Coach Young – I love you for what you did, who you are, and what you gave me.

Which of the four Success Principles (Determination, Dedication, Discipline, and Hard Work) do you need to turn up the heat on so you can live the life you are destined to live?