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From The Blog

I would like to tell how Dr. Sharalyn Payne has been a great help to me.  Before I joined the PUSH PARTNER tribe, I was at a point in my life where I felt stagnated, hopeless, and had a ton of never-ending projects.  Dr. Sharalyn Payne has given me the tools and motivation to pick myself up and start to work on my goals and dreams again.  I’ve applied the tools to my 9-, which resulted in a salary increase and a promotion.  I’ve also started working on my new business that I started years ago, but never got past point B.  Dr. Sharalyn Payne, my PUSH PARTNER, has also helped me in my personal life.  I’m travelling places that I’ve always dreamed of and checking things off “the old bucket list”.  I’ve also joined travel groups with women who have the passion to do the things that I am interested in as well. I’m enjoying networking with such great women.  Thanks PUSH PARTNER!