Unfinished Business

Deep Down down if you were being truthful to yourself do you want to:


new income and revenue streams


the book 

Improve and Enhance 

your personal relationships 


your biggest goal


your business


professional relationships


your career

Get Back

to your fighting weight and shed those unwanted pounds


the promotion

Be Seen

as a thought leader

Go Back

to school

Save and Invest

more money

Give back

to the community

Find the potential

 to the community


your non-profit


love again


your career field altogether

Which one is your abandoned, dormant, or buried dream that is waiting on you to RESURRECT it, to AWAKEN It, to FULFILL it?

You've waited long enough. Now is the time.

Module 1


We look at awareness first because I believe that it is imperative in any battle for you to first know what you are up against.  That’s the only way you can defeat the enemy or your opponent. Awareness is what’s needed so you can create masterful plans of attack. Dynasties are created because of awareness.  Great coaches will have people on staff studying the other players and teams intensely so they can recruit the right players, devise the right strategies, and build the strongest teams. You cannot conquer what you do not know.  You need to have an awareness of why you haven’t seen the success you desire as well what your unique obstacles are because yours will differ from mine. We’re going to talk about that, so you will know what you need to do to counterattack challenges and barriers when you see it.

Module 2


We pick up with mindset because the reason you succeed and the reason you fail often boils down to what you are thinking. Your thoughts are more important than you realize.  Your subconscious thoughts and unconscious blocks – those thoughts that show up when you are not even focused on them – can impact your efforts and lead to self-sabotage. So, we must spend time exploring and unearthing what is impeding our ability to finish what we start.  Mindset is the secret sauce to making the rest of the process work to our advantage. Module 2 is where we will shift your beliefs and thought patterns from those that hold you back to ones that catapult you forward

Module 3


I believe that we must focus our minds and a big part of that is clarity.  One of the hardest disciplines I have found is focusing your mind. Our mind is polluted and corrupted with so much that it can be difficult to hone in on what it is that we should be doing right now.  So, that’s why module 2 is so important. I like to think of clarity as a target on what you should be striving towards – it’s your mark. Clarity is being able to see the outcome that you desire in such a way that makes it easy for you to build a blueprint or roadmap to get there.  Clarity is essential for streamlining your processes and it’s what you will need to turn your challenges into simple steps making it easier for you to accomplish your goal. When you have clarity, chaos and confusion can be decreased and eliminated. It’s how you will be able to see solutions to the challenges you may or will face on your journey.  So, module 2 is all about getting clear on your big picture and laying out the steps that are needed for you to make it across the finish line and achieve the goal you have set.

Module 4


Here’s what I am sure of.  Life happens. I remember sitting in a classroom with my peers all of whom were striving for the same goal I was.  We wanted to achieve our doctorate degree from a traditional university. The professor spoke of how challenging it would be and how most of us would complete the coursework, but not the dissertation and would not graduate ever.  He went on to speak about how it required a certain level of commitment and we may as well drop out now. By the time I left that day, I was depressed. I thought about it and decided that I was up for the challenge and I would do whatever it took to achieve my goal.  I wanted my mother to be proud of me. I had to create systems that enabled and supported my vision. That’s what it is going to take for you to be successful. Module 4 is all about identifying the systems that will make it much easier for you to achieve your goals. Systems are what separates those who do from those who don’t.  You achieve success and significance because of what you purposefully do and don’t do and this is no different. So, we are going to make sure you have the right tools and systems in place because working on your goals are easy to do and not do. I want to make it easy for you so you can clearly see what has to happen if you are to be successful.

Module 5


This is where you will be encouraged to hit the ground running. You can have the right posture, beliefs, mindset, and systems in place and that is definitely necessary for you to see and experience results.  But, you still have to take action. I’m going to help you move from the place of gathering data, researching, setting everything up, making everything perfect, to the place of action. Action is what it’s going to take to change your life.  You’ve made the decision. Now, it’s time to go and get it. I don’t want you to be one of those people who literally finds themselves stuck because they are building, building, building, and researching, researching, researching and waiting for things to be just right before they take action.  That’s not going to be you. I’m going to walk you through the exact steps and action-oriented activities you need to take each day, week, month, and year to get results. Results that make a difference and keep you motivated. You’re going to know the actions you need to take daily to be successful this time around.  Action is what is going to make a difference for you. It’s taking the steps needed to move you closer towards your target so you can achieve the goal you set. You’re going to be a doer and an achiever and no longer a waiter and a benchwarmer. This time you are going to not just get in the game, but you’re going to play the game to win.

.Module 6


 I love module 5 because this module is where champions are created, dynasties are established, and legacies are born.  I like to call Module 5 the difference maker because it can really do just that for you. At some point, your will will be tested and the decision you make will change everything. Module 5 is not just about your implementation and execution strategy, but it’s about getting better. Module 5 explores how to increase your momentum and how to stay on track.  This module is one of the most important modules in the entire course because it’s so easy to get off-track and we are going to look at how you can sustain, increase, enhance, and expand. Where you are and what you have achieved is the beginning, but not the end and I want you to focus in on how to sustain success.

Module 7

Holistic View

What’s Working and Not Working

Module 6 is often overlooked and undervalued, but it is one of the most important modules in the program. Module 6 is what will move you closer towards your goals faster. In Module 6, we are going to implement some of the tools that corporate America uses to properly assess and evaluate the resources expended on projects so they can revise their strategy and achieve their desired results not only for the current project, but also expand that to other areas and even future projects that could benefit from that knowledge, key insights, and findings.  I’m going to show you how to ensure that you are exerting effort and energy in the right areas as opposed to the wrong ones. You will know the critical areas that you need to modify so that you can manifest your authentic goals, dreams, and visions this time around.


You have two choices.

You can either keep doing things the way you have always done them and you may or y

I believe in you and your dreams.  I know that you have something amazing up your sleeves and sometimes you just need a help on your journey.  That’s why I believe so in this class. I know that it can be the catalyst you need to catapult you from where you are to who you are supposed to be.  The dream that is inside of you needs to come out. It needs to be birthed and it’s time you stopped shrinking, running, and hiding. It’s time that you step into your now.  Because if you keep waiting for something to happen and not making it happen, you will wake up and find that you haven’t accomplished anything. Stop comparing yourself to others.  Stop making excuses and decide that your dreams deserve a real chance. You deserve a real chance. I know you have probably tried before, but I want to invite you to try it again. This time you have exactly what you need.  You have a formula for success and accomplishment that actually works.

I’d like to introduce you to a couple of friends of mine.

People who were just like you. They had dreams, hope, goals, and wishes that they had abandoned.  They had given up. They had tried to make their dreams work previously, but had been unsuccessful. They accepted my challenge to give their dreams another opportunity to manifest and the results have been rewarding and life-changing not only for themselves, but also for me.

Let’s meet a couple of them.

Meet Grant.

Meet Denise.

Meet Harold.

Will you be one of the people who will live out your dreams or will you be one of the people who will keep wishing and hoping

Here’s what I know.  You have to take action for anything to happen.  Waiting for the right time all the time is an enemy to achievement because things will never be perfect. You have to pursue what it is that you desire even in the face of adversity.

That’s why I am offering Fast Action Bonuses for anyone who signs up today.



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I am a big believer and proponent of community, collaboration, and accountability.  That’s why the members of this program will have the opportunity to connect in a private Facebook accountability group. $99

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I’m a systems girl.  If you show me the system, I promise you I will get results and I know that’s true for some of you as well. I’m going to give the resources and strategies that have been proven to be effective for me and show you how I optimize so that it’s easier for me to accomplish what I set out to do. $499

TOOLBOX with recommendations you can use in your personal or professional life to add structure and fulfillment and use to reach your goals.

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Investment $497


For those who would like to go deeper in the work, I have a second option. I want to share my gifts and capabilities with you in a way that not only equips you with the resources you need, but that also provides you with a solid structure to ensure your authentic goal is attainable and sustainable.  You will be able to work with me in a group coaching session. This session is designed to answer all of your questions in a safe environment, so we can eliminate guesswork. We’ll deal with whatever challenges and obstacles that may arise here and position you to get it done this time around. It’s my heart to see you proud of yourself.  It is your birthright to prosper and that’s why this program is so important. Nothing happens by chance. Nothing. It’s not by chance that you are seeing this right and you have the opportunity to work with the me on your unique goals at this level. You know that my mentoring and coaching sessions begin at $1000 because of the value that I bring my clients.  If you have been wanting to work with me, now is your opportunity.

Group Coaching With Me

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CATALYST: 10 Life Changing Principles

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