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What would happen if you devoted more energy to achieving your dreams?

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What would happen if you devoted more energy to achieving your dreams? There’s a one degree difference between hot water and steam.  Turn it up. ~Antonio Adair The one degree difference makes all the difference.  Hot water is produced at 99 degrees Celsius or 212 degrees Fahrenheit.  Water boils at 100 degrees Celsius, which then produces steam.  Steam can actually power a train, whereas, hot water cannot.   The one degree difference is what separates the  winners from the champions.  The extra degree is the difference between people who manage teams and those who transform teams.  The one degree difference separates the six-figure earner and the millionaire earner.  The one degree difference is what separates the Michael Jordans, the Lebrons, the Steph Currys, and the Kobes from those who ride the bench.  The one degree is the extra step you take, when others would be content.  The one degree is deciding that good enough is not enough.  The one degree difference is when you have achieved your dream of making it to the NBA.  The off-season rolls around and instead of relaxing, you are working with your trainer daily.  You are working on the areas you need to strengthen.  You are making your strong stronger.  You are watching the relay tapes.  You are eating healthy.  When you come back, you are stronger.  You are fiercer.  You got better.  You stepped up your game and you do it over and over again.  Your name will go down with the ages.  You decided to turn it up and now little kids look up to you.  People want to be like you.  You are a brand and because you turned it up, you have given others hope for what they too can accomplish. Do you want to accomplish your goals?  Put in the extra effort required to make it happen.  The one degree difference could be what you need to catapult you into a different level of success.  The one degree is where legends are made.  The one degree difference is where success stories are born.  The one degree difference can change the trajectory of your life.  I challenge you to work harder than ever before.  I challenge you to train better.  I challenge you to love stronger.  I challenge you to push harder.  We often hear to give it 110% percent, but the one degree makes all the difference.  So, if you have been giving it 110%, it’s now time for 111%.  The additional degree can open doors that you never thought possible.  The additional degree can totally change your life forever and take it from great to outstanding!!! The additional degree can propel you to even greater success.  Go ahead and give it a chance. Question:  What are you doing good already that you need to put in a little more effort to accomplish the results you desire faster?